Preparing For a Hurricane Disaster
Hurricane season can prove to be a worrying period for everybody. It can result in significant damage for miles and is a major concern for homes and people who find themselves in its path. Even though hurricanes do not occur as commonly as other natural calamities like tornadoes and earthquakes, they tend to be more violent and destructive. For this reason, it’s crucial that you take a hurricane seriously as it can result in a potentially life-threatening situation.

While nobody can predict where or when a hurricane will strike next, the best way you can protect your loved ones and belongings is preparedness. Preparing in advance will give you peace of mind that your business, home and family are safe from this killer storm. This read will help you get ready for a hurricane disaster.

Hurricane Prep Tips

When a serious storm is imminent, make sure that you remain informed by listening to the local news channels or NOAA Weather radio for updates. Also, ensure that you follow all orders if asked to move out by the authorities.

Follow these hurricane preparation steps to shield your loved ones and property from a hurricane disaster.

Formulate a Plan

Make a point of teaching your employees or family members what actions they should take during a hurricane and what steps to take if evacuation is necessary. Choose a single point-of-contact or common meeting spot for all your employees or family members. Also, check with the Fire Department of your town to know what the evacuation protocols are. Being aware of the evacuation routes is integral, particularly if you stay near the coast. If you’ve got pets, create an evacuation plan for them as well. Also, don’t forget to incorporate an emergency kit in your disaster plan.

Secure the Exterior

Trim large shrubs and trees and move all outdoor patio furniture, toys, bikes, and potted plants indoors. If need be, bolster outdoor sculptures with blankets or burlap tied with rope.

Install Storm Shutters

Shield skylights, doors and windows with suitable shutters or impact-resistant glass. As part of last-minute measures, nail the window frames with pieces of plywood.

Check Wall Art and Hangings

Ensure that wall hangings are bolstered and keep a record of your art collection and potential damage. Ensure that art hung outdoors is moved indoors, and kept off the floor surface.

Prepare Your Cars

Make sure that your gas tank is full and the tires are good. Stock emergency supplies in the car. Park the car on higher ground or against the garage door so that if evacuation is necessary, you can pull out immediately. Also, avoid parking your vehicle under power lines, trees or low-lying places.

Power Up

Ensure your gas tank is full, charge your devices, ensure the generator is functioning and have enough fuel in the event of power outages.

Store Important Documents

Keep documents like legal papers, marriage licenses, birth certificates, insurance policy info and financial papers, in addition to valuables like jewelry in a safe.

Even though hurricanes aren’t as common as other natural incidences, they are a threat to be taken seriously. Make sure to use the above-provided information to prepare your business or home and assist keep your employees and loved ones safe during and after a hurricane.