What Are The Best Items For Self-Defense?
Everybody should be taking self-defense precautions when necessary. You may encounter dangerous situations at some stage in your life, and this is when you will need to know how to defend yourself. Self-defense and physical skills are standout advantages, but it is unreasonable to expect every person to have mastered the art of self-defense.

This is when self-defense items come in handy to help you defend yourself against a dangerous encounter with an attacker. Here is a list of some of the best tools made for self-defense:

1.) Stun Gun

These are handheld devices designed to deliver an unexpected shock. The shock will cause enough pain and surprise to incapacitate an assailant temporarily, giving you the chance to escape any further harm. The stun guns on the market today are often disguised as items such as lipsticks, flashlights, rings, or pens.

2.) Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is still among the most popular items used for the purpose of self-defense. When sprayed into the face of an attacker, the formulation burns the throat, lungs, mouth, and eyes. The extreme discomfort will usually blind an attacker, providing you with the opportunity to run away or escape.

3.) Tactical Flashlight

An attacker will find it difficult to harm you when they are unable to see you. This is what makes a tactical flashlight one of the best self-defense tools when used in the correct way. This type of flashlight is much brighter when compared to a standard flashlight, emitting over 200 lumens when compared to the 100 lumens that the standard flashlights produce. This intense bright light could blind your attacker temporarily, leaving them confused and startled. This type of bright light can also be used to lighten darkened areas, making an attacker visible, which could also help to deter them.

4.) Tactical Pens

The tactical pens are self-defense items that look similar to a pen. The shape and size of these weapons make them convenient and easy to conceal in a pocket or handbag. A tactical pen usually has a very sharp point that will cause some damage to your attacker when you strike them. These devices are usually made out of strong material such as steel which is what makes them highly effective.

These items also serve other purposes. For example, some of these pens also feature a bottle opener, hex wrench, saw blade, and other popular tools. The tactical pen is often used by outdoor people and survivalists who require access to a simple yet effective survival tool.

5.) Tasers

Similar to a stun gun, a Taser delivers a nasty electric shock. However, the Taser delivers a shock in a different way. When using stun guns, the shocks are delivered from two or more contact points on the actual unit, which means you will need to hold the device directly against your assailant to deliver a shock. With a Taser, the contact points shoot out and then attach to the attacker's clothes or skin. The unit then delivers a shock through wires. The delivery method offers a way to incapacitate your assailant from a distance. However, the drawback comes in that you will need to ensure the correct aim to ensure the device works.

The list above is only a few of the top-rated self-defense items you should consider investing in. The correct tool can be powerful enough to stun your attacker, causing surprise and pain, stopping them for long enough so that you can escape and get to safety. Keep in mind that the best self-defense method involves avoiding dangerous situations when you can, especially if you are on your own.