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Did you know you could be asleep for a few seconds and not realize it? Scientists call these micro sleeps. When youƒ??re really tired and force yourself to stay awake, your brain will sneak in little naps. They usually last for 2 to 3 seconds but can last much longer. The frightening thing is that you donƒ??t realize that you were asleep. During a micro sleep, you stop responding to events around you. Researchers of drowsy drivers observed that drivers could sleep for up to 8 seconds without realizing it. Thatƒ??s plenty of time to drift out of your lane and crash into a tree, a sign, or an oncoming car. alertmeƒ?› is the latest lifesaver electronic device that helps prevent accident caused by falling asleep behind the wheel. Inspired by the traditional mercury nap alert system, alertmeƒ?› is an improved version controlled by a motherboard chip instead of the mercury: operated by replaceable batteries, an strong beep alarm sounds as soon as alertmeƒ?› detects that the user might be getting drowsy, by their head starting to nod while driving, at work or at study. Ultra light and small, its ergonomic design makes it comfortable and easy to use at any time to avoid falling asleep. If drowsy, PULL OVER, discontinue driving immediately and rest before getting back on the road! Yours and other driverƒ??s safety is at stake.

- Alertme Lifesaver Alert - Stay awake and stay alive;
- Avoid drowsiness while driving; Mercury free and FCC approved
- Main Function: Anti-fatigue alarm device.
- Alarm Mode: Sound alert with On and Off button
- Ergonomic design: Compact and lightweight (1 oz) alertme fits comfortably behind ear
- Battery operated: Replaceable button cell battery. Life Time: 30000 nods
- Safe to use: FFC approved, CE Certified and Mercury free

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