CERT Fulfillment Center 

After every major disaster, volunteers emerge to do the initial search, rescue, fire suppression, and first aid. Because this volunteering inevitably takes place, it makes sense to maximize the results of these efforts through formal training. In the U.S., such training programs are known by the acronym CERT: Community Emergency Response Team.
cert fullfillment
That disaster preparedness training needs to include CERT supplies that are consistent with standards set forth by governing bodies. More importantly, on-hand disaster kits need to be applicable to the team's training in order to maximize their efforts when an emergency does occur. This combination of training and relevant survival kits makes a volunteer responder more effective and increases his/her ability to assist those in need of emergency services. 

Emergency Disaster Systems can help your CERT team to become more efficient and effective through the use of approved disaster supplies. Please use the menu on the left to find the CERT kits and supplies you need. We also recommend supplementing your kits with emergency food and water.


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