3000 Watt Digital Inverter Generator with Electric Start

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Powerful, quiet and inexpensive. 3 things often not found together in a generator. This Starter USA generator is 3 of those things and more. Of notable importance to many RV'ers it is a very capable and powerful generator able to run a standard 12,000 BTU a/c unit.

Starter USA is an emerging brand leader in the generator market. By managing to find the right balance between low cost and quality they have managed to bring superior generators to consumers while using the latest technology. But most importantly, at the average man's price. Their most recent addition is this new enclosed digital inverter generator. Having taken customer feedback into consideration they have developed a fully enclosed generator that utilizes a new quiet engine design which manages to do one thing previous engines could not do... stay cool in a fully enclosed box.

In the past generators operated at two different engine speeds, full speed and off. This resulted in unnecessary noise in low power situations, such as watching TV at night. The unique thing about a digital inverter generator, versus your standard one, is it uses a built in processor to measure necessary voltage requirements needed in order to reduce distortion, fluctuation (making it ideal for computers, and other electronic items), and gas consumption.

Ease of use, portability, convenience, and aesthetics are all key features used in development of this generator. It has two methods of moving it. At about only 70lbs its light enough to pick up with the large carry handle up top or simply extend the integrated luggage style handle and roll the entire generator along with you. Also, a major key feature here is the simple turnkey ignition. By using a small battery, which recharges during run time, you can easily start your generator with a simple twist of the key. If the battery is ever to wear out then the generator is equipped with your standard pull handle to get it started, also it recharges the battery during runtime. Typically one pull is all these need anyhow.

Features & Specifications

- Outlets Include:
- 30A 3-Prong Twist Lock(one)
- 15A Standard Household Sockets(two)
- Socket For Battery Charge Cables(used for charging any type of 12V Batteries)
- Keyed Electric Start
- Circuit Braker
- Overload, Power, and Low Oil Indicator Lights
- Uses Standard 5W40 Motor Oil and 87 Gas
- Battery Included!

Engine Type: 4-Stroke, OHV, 1-Cylinder

Displacement: 149CC

Compression Ratio: 9.2

Engine Speed: 5000rpm(ECO switch is off)

Cooling System: Forced Air Cooling

Ignition System: T.E.I

Oil Capacity: 0.45L

Fuel Tank Capacity: 7L

Spark Plug: A6RTC

Noise Level (4M): 59dB

Includes Free Shipping! (Continental USA only)

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