3M DBI-SALA Medium Delta No-Tangle Full Body/Vest Style Harness With Back And Side D-Ring, Belt With Pad, Shoulder Pads And Quick Connect Chest And Leg Strap Buckle

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3M DBI-SALA Medium Delta Vest Style Harness includes a spring-loaded, stand-up dorsal D-ring for fast, easy and safe connections. Harness features parachute buckles on lower shoulder straps, tongue buckle body belt with side D-rings and sewn-in back pad. Harness also features one-handed quick connect buckles are color-coded and plated hardware for corrosion resistance. Delta lanyard keepers hold unused snap hooks and helps in minimize trip hazards. Harness is made with soft, breathable materials and the delta comfort hip pad ergonomically supports back and hips while bearing heavy loads. Revolver vertical torso adjuster makes adjustments fast and simple that eliminates loose ends along with locks into place preventing slippage. Its patented no-tangle design redefined convenience in full body harness. Repel webbing water repellant for reduce attraction of mold along with dirt and it has up to 5 times more abrasion resistance. These quick connect alloy aluminum buckles are lighter weight and decreasing the overall load carry during the day. Delta hip pad features improved ergonomic fit and is constructed with a soft, breathable interior for comfort and supports back as well as hips better while you are carrying a heavy load. Patented spring-loaded design automatically stands-up for ensuring fast, easy and safe connections to fall arrest system. Built-in impact rip-stitch indicators allow to inspect the harness at a glance for prior damaging impact loads. Delta also proves its workhorse standing with a 420 lb carrying capacity and our patented triangular design that gives the harness a shape of its own. A Velcro cover protects harness labels and holds I-Safe identification tag. It gives an efficient way of recording and storing information on inspections. It incorporates front and back D-ring, side D-rings along with quick connect legs.


  • Stand-up back D-Ring: Patented spring-loaded design automatically stands-up ensuring fast, easy and safe connections to your fall arrest system
  • Revolver vertical torso adjusters: Simple and fast adjustment eliminates loose ends, locks into place preventing slippage and completes 5-point adjustment system
  • Built-in lanyard keepers: Delta lanyard keepers hold your unused snap hooks and help reduce trip hazards
  • Protected labels, equipped with i-Safe: A Velcro cover protects harness labels and holds an i-Safe identification tag for recording and storing information on inspections
  • No-tangle design: Defining the Delta name, the patented triangular design creates a frame that allows the harness to fall into place when donned
  • Tech-Lite quick connect buckle leg straps: Lightweight aluminum alloy one-handed buckles for fast and easy connections
  • Body belt/hip pad with side D-Rings: Provides hip D-Rings ideal for positioning, additional back lumbar support and tool carrying options
  • Shoulder pads: Helps disburse weight over wider area of shoulders for added comfort
  • Repel webbing: Water repellent to reduce attraction of mold and dirt - also has more abrasion resistance
  • Impact Indicator: Rip-stitch indicators allow you to inspect the harness at a glance, for prior damaging impact loads


  • ANSI Z359.1
  • ANSI Z359.3
  • OSHA 1910.66
  • OSHA 1926.502


  • Work positioning
  • Climbing
  • Rescue systems
  • Personal fall arrest
  • Restraint

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