3M DBI-SALA Universal Delta II No-Tangle Full Body/Vest Style Harness With Dorsal Web Loop, Pass-Thru Leg Strap Buckle And Non-Conductive/Non-Spark Hardware

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Sale price$219.99


3M DBI-SALA Universal Delta II Vest Style Dorsal Web Loop Harness features parachute buckles on lower shoulder straps for instant and effortless adjustment while possess unique no-tangle design. Harness with vest style design has Kevlar core webbing and adjustable non-slip chest strap with pass thru buckle leg straps. PVC coated hardware helps to protect harness against corrosion and features optional delta comfort pad for wrap-around comfort, Velcro attachment. It has polyester-webbing construction delivers enhanced durability and meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA, ANSI and the stringent ANSI Z359.


  • Exclusive No-Tangle design
  • Adjustable non-slip chest strap with easy to use quick connect buckle
  • Parachute buckles on lower shoulder strap
  • Polyester webbing construction for added durability
  • Optional Delta Comfort Pad for wrap-around comfort, Velcro attachment
  • Pass-thu buckle shoulder and leg straps
  • Dorsal web loop replaces the standard back D-Ring
  • Non-sparking/non-conductive PVC coated hardware


  • ANSI Z359
  • ASTM F887-2004
  • OSHA


  • Work positioning
  • Climbing
  • Rescue systems
  • Personal fall arrest
  • Restraint

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