Ambassador Series Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

SKU: LS1013F10JL-01

Haz-Mat Handling Fee: Haz-Mat
Sale price$194.24


Sturdy steel cabinets with glass doors
Electrostatic white epoxy finish with continuous hinge door
Available in surface mount, fully recessed and semi-recessed models (1.5" or 3" trim)
The 3" trim model has rolled edge construction, while the others are square edged

Also features double strength glass and a 1.25" face width on the trim and door
Glass doors have standard door hardware (zinc-plated pull handle and roller catch)
NOTE: Add wall material thickness to wall depth when determining cabinet size (example: a standard 2 X 4" stud wall with 1/2" sheetrock would equal a 4" wall depth)

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