[Disabled] APack Individual Meal Ready to Eat (MRE)


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Individually packaged meal with durable, easy-open packaging. Includes heater. Just one meal meets an individual's full daily caloric needs. Made in the USA.

Every APack Ready Meal includes an entree with self-heating unit, side dishes, beverage mix (bottled water not included), condiment, utensil and towelette.

Product Details:
- Individually packaged meals with durable, easy-open packaging.
- 6 different varieties available.
- Meals have an extended shelf life based upon storage conditions. Can last up to 60 months.
- Just one meal meets an individual's full daily caloric needs
- Meals are self-heating - the entr??e is ready in just 10 minutes

Six Delicious Varieties:
- Vegetable Stew with Beef
- Spaghetti with Italian Style Meat Sauce
- Home-style Chicken Noodles with Vegetables
- Macaroni and Beef in Sauce
- Pasta with Garden Vegetables in Tomato Sauce
- Southwestern Style Chicken with Black Beans and Rice

Meal chosen at random

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