Butane - Stove - Cook Pot - Combo

SKU: SS-247

Sale price$68.24


SET INCLUDES: backpack stove, 4 oz. fuel canister, 0.65L pan, 0.9L pot, scrub pad, nylon stove bag, net drawstring sack

Total weight: 21 oz.
ƒ?› Ultra light 8.2 oz. stove
ƒ?› Anodized aluminum / stainless steel frame
ƒ?› Piezo matchless igniter
ƒ?› Adjusts up to 10,400 B.T.U.ƒ??s
ƒ?› Regulates fuel flow down to 20???­F
ƒ?› Folding pot supports and fuel lever
ƒ?› Stove & fuel canister nest inside cook set
ƒ?› Convenient folding handle
ƒ?› Quick heat transfer saves time and fuel
ƒ?› Precision nested design
ƒ?› Hard anodized, non-stick aluminum is twice as hard as steel

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