Camp Fire Tripod - Heavy Duty Steel

SKU: 15997

Sale price$32.54



This adjustable design features an “S” hook that can be raised or lowered for optimum temperature for warming or cooking. Its collapsible design makes it ideal for car camping and hunting trips. Excellent for hanging Dutch ovens, tea pots, coffee pots, etc. Also works great for hang lanterns, suspending water jugs, or dry clothes. Its heavy-duty solid steel construction is built to last. Safe, easy set up and storage.


  • An essential part of any outdoor kitchen
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Nickel plated chain with 2 S-hooks (25.1 in.)
  • Stable 3-leg design (43.3 in.)
  • Suspend dutch ovens, coffee pots, etc. over an open campfire
  • Also use for hanging lanterns, water, jugs, etc.
  • This contains the tripod and chain only. Dutch oven is sold separately.

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