Chill-Its 6255 Lightweight Phase Change Cooling Vest - Vest Only

SKU: 12123

Color: Black
Size: S/M
Sale price$35.99


The Chill-Its Lightweight Phase Change Cooling Vest keeps workers cooler, safer and more productive. Its 100% biodegradable phase change cooling material maintains a 64° F / 18° C temperature for up to two hours when activated.

The vest's adjustable hook and loop closures around the waist provide a customized fit for different body types. The heavy-duty front zipper makes for easy on/off, while the two front zippered pockets can be used to store small accessories.

*** Phase Change Cooling Packs not included. ***
There are many ways to activate your cooling vest. Simply place the four removable packs in a cooler of ice water for 5 minutes; freezer for 8 minutes; refrigerator for 12 minutes; or near an air conditioner for 1 hour.


The cooling pack should be washed by hand with a mild detergent and warm water. DO NOT machine wash or machine dry. The fabric vest is machine washable with mild soap.

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