Cooking Kit: Fold-a-Stove, Can Opener, Cooking Pans, and More.


Sale price$36.74


With everything needed to cook and serve hot food, this cooking kit can be a comfort as well as protection against bacteria in food. It includes utensils, cooking/serving pans, a portable stove with fuel and waterproof matches, and more to keep you well provisioned and to allow you to prepare a broader range of food during a disaster.

- 1 Carrying Case
- 1 Fold-a-Stove with 8 fuel tablets
- 1 Can Opener
- 2 Boxes of 100 Waterproof Matches
- 2 Metal Cooking Pans
- 4 Full Plastic-ware sets
- 40 Antiseptic Towelettes for Cleaning

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