Crank Powered Pocket-Size AM/FM Radio with 5-LED Flashlight


Sale price$29.39


A super bright 5 LED flashlight with a high quality AM/FM radio is a great companion for anyone who might be left in a dark. Take it with you in the car or in a pocket, it is the perfect emergency gadget you need.

Features a built-in siren in the radio. Great for calling for help or alerting others

The radio is built with rechargeable batteries. You can charge it by cranking the generator or you can use an AC adapter to charge it (not included).

- Super bright 5 LED flashlight
- Super clear sound with speaker.
- Small size for extra portability
- Dimensions: 2.0" x 6.3"

- AM: 526.50KHz - 1610KHz
- FM: 87MHz - 108MHz
- Sensitivity: FM < 20uV / AM < 6mV/M
- Selectivity > 20dB
- Input: 5V Jack to charge the batteries
- Output Jack: 6V jack to output the power to charge cellphones
- LED Light: 5 Pieces
- Light Control: 1 LED or 5 LED.

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