Deluxe Propane Infrared Radiant Heater-Bulk Tank

SKU: SS-197-SS

Sale price$60.05


ƒ?› Keep things nice and warm at your next outingƒ?? Perfect for camping, fishing, sporting events, BBQƒ??s and parties
ƒ?› Adjusts from 9,000 to 15,800 B.T.U.ƒ??s
ƒ?› Easily connects to 20lb. bulk propane tank via QCC1 valve
ƒ?› Auto shut off valve shuts off fuel supply if heater is tipped or flamed out
ƒ?› 4 stage control valve: Off, Low, Medium, High ƒ?› Brass fuel valve for silent operation
ƒ?› Propane bulk tank not included

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