Digital Display AM/FM/SW1-SW4 Dynamo/Solar Power Radio With Super Bright LED Flashlight


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This multifunction flashlight/radio features a digital display, AM/FM/SW1-SW4 radio, and a super bright LED flashlight.

Operates on 4 Power Sources:
- Dynamo Power: The hand crank generator charges the internal NI-MH Batteries.
- Solar Power: You can play this radio with solar power or charge the NI-MH batteries. With 12 hours of solar charging, you get 6-8 hours playing.
- Batteries: 3 AA batteries allow you to play the radio the old fashioned way.
- Electric: With the included adapter, you can play or charge with 110V electricity.
- 6 hours charging = 48 hours playing

Radio Bands
- AM - 520-1710KHz,
- FM - 88-108MHz

4 Continuous short wave bands:
- SW1: 4.00-9.00 MHz
- SW2: 9.00-13.50MHz
- SW3: 13.50-17.50MHz
- SW4: 17.50-26.00 MHz (Covers most of the world stations)

- Digital display Clock with alarm
- Super Bright LED Flashlight
- Only 6.5" x 5.5" x 2.25", small enough to take everywhere.
- Includes AC/DC adapter, earphones, and a soft antenna

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