Double Action Hand Pump

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With our Double Action Hand Pump, you'll be able to puff up a flat air mattress, and turn a deflated raft into a water-worthy adventure-craft! Ordinary pumps only inflate on the downstroke, but ours creates a continuous stream of air on both the down and the up-stroke. This unique dual action system saves effort and inflates outdoor accessories faster. Our pump is constructed of durable, high-impact plastic that won't discolor or corrode in damp environments, and is equipped with a non-kink hose with adapters to fit most commonly used valves.


  • Continuous stream pumps air on both the up and down stroke making this pump ideal for large inflatables
  • Large non-kink hose with adapters to fit virtually any kind of valve currently used on inflatables
  • Simply put hose on top pump connection for inflating or deflating
  • Large footplate and handle
  • Capacity: 66 gallons at 60 strokes per minute
  • Pressure: Up to 14 pounds per square inch
  • Made of lightweight non-corrosive plastic
  • Weights and measures are approximations and may vary due to the manufacturing process

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