Dynamo/Solar Radio with Flashlight, Compass, Thermometer, and Siren


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A real good emergency radio, the KA888 has just arrived. It comes with all the gadgets you need for an emergency or trip. It combines a sensitive compass, a thermometer, a siren, an alarm clock, and the ever important flashlight you need during a dark night. Even the dial needle is built with illuminating material!

Operated on 4 Power Sources:
- Dynamo Power: The hand crank generator charges the internal NI-MH batteries.
- Solar Power: You can play this radio with the direct sunlight or charge the NI-MH batteries. With 12 hours in the sun, you get 6-8 hours of play time.
- Batteries: 3 AA batteries allow you to play the radio the old fashioned way.
- Electric: With the included adapter, you can play or charge with 110V electricity.

This radio was sold to US and UK army for over 75,000 pieces.

- 6 hours charging = 48 hours playtime.
- Dimensions: 19.5cm. x 10cm. x 6cm.
- Small enough to take everywhere

Radio Bands:
- AM: 525 KHz - 1710KHz
- FM: 88MHz - 108MHz

2 continuous short wave bands:
- SW1: 6.00 - 12.00MHz
- SW2: 12.00 - 18.50MHz

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