Emergency Survival First Aid Kit In Bottle

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A first aid kit is one of the most important items to keep on hand at the camp site, in your car, or around the house. This Stansport® Survival Bottle Emergency First Aid Kit comes with all of its contents stored inside of a reusable 44 oz water bottle. Also included is a small first aid pouch, so as you use your supplies, you can move them into the smaller pouch to make use of the larger storage bottle as a reusable water bottle. The bottle features a loop cap and carabiner for attaching to your gear. Inside the bottle is an assortment of 42 first aid and emergency items, including a variety of bandages, survival tools medical pads and more!


  • Water-resistant survival bottle keeps contents secure from the elements
  • Includes over 40 survival supplies for cuts, scrapes, insect bites, shelter, body heat loss and more!
  • Container doubles as a water bottle for emergency survival use
  • Lid is secured with a safety strap, which can also be used for attaching to gear
  • Multifunctional pocket knife includes: Pilers, vise, cable scissors, fish scaler, knife, can opener, nail file, and four different screw drivers
  • Kit Includes: 20 x Adhesive Bandages (72 x 19 mm); 4 x Adhesive Bandages (22mm); 4 x Alcohol Pads; 2 x Sting Relief Pad; 2 x Finger Adhesive Bandages; 1 x Heat Patches; 1 x Multifunctional Pocket Knife; 1 x Emergency Blanket (130 x 210cm)

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