FM/Weather Band Dynamo Radio with LED Light and Siren

SKU: SS-01-511

Sale price$26.24


The Stansport Dynamo Emergency Radio is an essential item to include in your family's emergency preparedness kit. This hand-crank radio offers multiple ways for you to stay in touch and stay safe during an emergency situation. After charging the radio's built-in battery through hand cranking, you will be able to listen to the radio, use the DC output to temporarily power a cell phone, emit an 85DB emergency siren, or use the radio's LED flashlight. No matter what the situation, the Stansport Dynamo Emergency Radio will keep you connected.
  • L.E.D. light, 85DB siren, head phone and DC= outputs for cell phones, etc. (Cord not included)
  • Carry handle and antenna
  • Scan feature button to find available stations with ease
  • 3 minutes of cranking equals 2 to 8 minutes of cell phone use
  • Hand crank to charge built in battery: 1 minute of cranking equals up to 10 minutes of radio, 3 minutes of siren or 20 minutes of flashlight individually. Longer cranking gives longer use time.

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