Gatorade Six Sports Bottle Carrier

SKU: GAT59019

Sale price$43.04


The Gatorade Sports Bottle Carrier holds six 32 oz Gatorade 'G' Squeeze Bottles at one time. This is the official Gatorade Carrier that is used in the NFL and the NBA. These bottle carriers are perfect for any sports team in any league.

The Gatorade Bottle Carrier is orange and has the official Gatorade logo. Make sure you have 6 bottles to fill all the available slots in the Gatorade carrier. If you need bottles please check out CSI Model #'s 59012 for 1 Gatorade bottle, 59023 for 6 'G' Gatorade bottles, 59024 for 8 Gatorade 'G' bottles, and 59025 for 12 Gatorade G bottles.

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