Gold Mining Kit

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The Stansport Gold Mining Kit is a fun and educational kit for campers and adventure-seekers alike. Included in the kit are: two lightweight, plastic gold pans (sizes 10.5ƒ?? and 14ƒ??), two unbreakable, plastic vials, a prospector's rock pick and stainless steel precision tweezers with a 1' magnifier. This set is the perfect kit for beginners or moderate-level gold panners. It is also very educational. You can use it to teach about history, with the California Gold Rush, or you can use it to teach geology, with the minerals and materials you will be sifting through and discovering. The rock pick is made of heavy-duty forged steel and a tubular, steel shank; making it durable and long lasting. The kit is extremely lightweight and portable.

Kit Includes:

  • ƒ?› 10 ?«ƒ?? gold pan
  • ƒ?› 14ƒ?? gold pan
  • ƒ?› 2 gold vials (1 oz. and ?« oz. containers)
  • ƒ?› Prospector's Rock Pick made of heavy duty forged steel with tubular shank
  • ƒ?› Stainless Steel Precision Tweezers with 1ƒ?? magnifier

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