Insect Catching Kit

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Discover all the amazing bugs in the great outdoors, or in your own backyard! Our Insect Catching Kit includes everything your little explorer will need to catch bugs without having to touch them. Once caught, view them up-close with the magnified insect jar. It's not only a great way to get your children more comfortable with bugs - instead of afraid - but it's a wonderful educational opportunity, too! It's perfect for the beach, the park or camping trip!


  • Set Includes: Bug Cage, Magnifying Glass, Magnifying Lens Insect Jar, Tweezers and Butterfly Net
  • Explore nature through this fun and educational kit
  • Use magnifying glass and insect jar to examine insects, rocks, leaves and more!
  • Tweezers are great for picking up small objects and transfer to jar or cage
  • Buttery net makes it easy to catch and release butterflies and other winged wonders
  • Our insect cage has mesh walls and a swinging door, making for a breathable environment

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