iQ Series® Advantage Grip Guard 200 GG20 - Red|Grey


Dimension 1: RG
Dimension 2: XL
Sale price$56.69


iQ Series® Advantage Grip Guard 200 FR Gloves built with Nomex® Xtreme Cut technology. Fit, feel, flex, and functionality together in an 18-guage NFPA® 2112-compliant FR glove. From the worlds FR leader, gloves made from patented Nomex® and Kevlar® Engineered Yarns with FR palm coating and bumpers for impact protection. Offering multi-hazard protection: NFPA® 2112 compliant, ANSI/ISEA 105 Level A5 cut resistance, Level 2 puncture resistance, Level 2 conductive heat resistance and ANSI/ISEA 138 Level 1 impact resistance, exceptional dexterity and non-slip, high grip capacity palm. Great stretch and recovery allow for the ease of donning and doffing and a snug secure fit. (Fit Chart: Bulwark-Glove-GG200C)

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