Ironclad SDXO2 Kong Slip & Oil Resistant Work Gloves


Size: Small
Sale price$35.69


The KONG Slip & Oil Resistant features exclusive Hybrid Polymer Technology on the entire palm. The special palm channels oil, sludge and mud away from your hand for maximum grip and dexterity on slippery objects. The entire palm is also 100% oil proof meaning no oil can get to the palm of your hand.

Ironclad SDXO2 Features:
  • HPT - Hybrid Polymer Technology - Channeled palm allows oil, sludge and mud to escape maximizing grip
  • Co-Developed By OGSC - Co-developed by the Oil & Gas Industry's Safety Committee
  • Exclusive Palm Material - 25% more abrasion resistant than normal synthetic leather
  • KONG Metacarpal Protection - 80% impact absorption
  • KONG Knuckle Protection - 90% impact absorption
  • KONG Patent Pending Finger Protection - 76.4% impact absorption offers sidewall and complete fingertip protection
  • Patents: US 9,241,519 • Singapore 169,763 • US US 9,266,263 • Additional US and International Patents Pending
  • Hi-Viz Palm
  • Extended Neoprene Cuff
  • I.D. Tag
  • 100% Machine Washable : Hang dry

EN 388 is a European Standard. It tests the Abrasion, Cut, Tear and Puncture characteristics of a product to determine its mechanical protection. Performance Level is ranked from 4 to 1, except for cut, which is ranked from 5 to 1.

EN 388 Results: 4131
  • Abrasion: 4
  • Cut: 1
  • Tear: 3
  • Puncture: 1

Best Uses: Rigging, Oil & Gas Drilling, Extraction & Refining, Fracking,Tool Pushing, Mining, Demolition,Heavy Construction

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