Jungle Boots - Black - 10R

SKU: SS-1497-10R

Sale price$38.10


Stylish and quality-crafted boots to military standard. It's a jungle out there. AND in here. And by "in here," we mean those standard leather boots, which breathe about as well as a plastic garbage bag. Wear 'em too long, and they turn into mini saunas - and not the good kind. Sounds like you need the sweet relief of these Mil-spec Jungle Boots, designed specifically for hot, humid environments. The ventilation panels help them breathe, and drainage ports help them shed excess water. So while they aren't waterproof (waterproof boots don't always breathe anyways), they sure are "moisture-unfriendly." And the price? Lower than it has any right to be. Why? Because boots that don't have extras like an interior lining or midsole are MUCH cheaper to make. So you get all the breathable comfort and mission-ready durability at a price that's almost too good to believe. Combo nylon / full-grain leather uppers. The nylon helps them breathe and keeps them light. The leather makes them durable; Ventilation panels and drainage ports help to control moisture; Totally unlined - no excess fabric to add warmth or stifle airflow; Steel shank adds solid underfoot support for load-bearing missions; Rubber lug outsole offers traction and added support; Leather insole for comfort; Imported; Insulation: Uninsulated; Uppers: Nylon and full-grain leather; Waterproof: No; Height: 9.5"; Weight per boot: 23 ounces; Suffering from tropical depression? Give your feet a breather with these Mil-spec Jungle Boots! Military-Spec Men's Jungle Boots.

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