KN95 White Particulate Respirator With Valve

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  1. PM2.5 / FFP2 Standard filtration efficiency.
  2. Adult Anti-fog Haze
  3. Non-Woven Spunbonded Melt Blown Polypropylene.
  4. KN95 Dust Mask block up to 95% of pollution, gases, odors, dust, pollen, smog, germs, bacteria and viruses.
  5. Ultra-low respiratory resistance, breathing more comfortable.
  6. 3D and Light Weight Design
  7. Lifetime duration is about 3 – 6 days, the filtration efficiency decreases to 94.7% after 3 days.
  8. With an adjustable concealed plastic nose built in hidden cartilage bridge.
  9. Features Exhalation Valve with Activated Carbon Filter

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