Maxiflex Plus II Ultimate 15 Gauge Coated by ATG Gloves - Dozen

SKU: PIP-34-874-M11

Size: Medium
Sale price$66.14


Think of all the annoyances that can exist for your hands on the job site: Splinters, rocks under your finger nails, scrapes, hang nails, concrete drying on your skin, along with many others. Even though these are all minor injuries, they can make completing work extremely frustrating. Also, if the temperature has dipped and it is cold out, it can be hard to have a firm grasp on your equipment. These Maxiflex Plus II gloves will keep your hands protected and warm.

Color: Black & Gray

- Liner made of seamless knit
- Produces minimal lint and dust
- Micro-foam nitrile coats the palm, full fingers, and knuckles, allowing for excellent dexterity
- Breathable fabric keeps hands cool, dry, and comfortable
- Minimal penetration (strike through) keeps the inside liner very soft

- Continuous knit cuff style
- Material is nylon liner with micro-foam nitrile coating

*Includes 12 Pairs of gloves

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