MCR Safety 18" 10 GA Dynma Sleeve W/TH & Microdots


Sale price$9.44


Dyneema® Arm Protection is Cool!  One of the most distinguishing Dyneema® characteristics is its cool-to-touch property.  Dyneema® fibers inherent ability to dissipate body heat and pass moisture from inside of the sleeve to the outside, results in longer wear time which promotes greater protection. The 9318D10TMD is a 10 gauge Dyneema® cut resistant sleeve with silicone mini dots, thumb hole and is 18 inches in length.  The silicone mini dots provide additional grip and abrasion resistance.  Looking for the best cut resistant sleeves?  Look no further than MCR Safety. Click here to view more MCR Safety sleeve options.


  • 18 inch 10 gauge Dyneema® sleeve with Thumb Slot
  • Cool and comfortable
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High comfort level
  • Silicone mini-dots for grip
  • Upper Arm Gusset
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