MCR Safety 24 Series Foam Lined, Rubber, Clear UVAF


Color: Clear
Sale price$7.99


The body design of the 24 Series goggles provides a wide, unobstructed field of vision and can be worn with most half-mask respirators. The transparent protective PVC body permits a comfortable fit over prescription eyewear. The 2410NF is a dielectric goggle that features a soft foam lining which cushions the face and improves the seal. The flexible neoprene head band is adjustable which allows it to fit most individuals comfortably.   This goggle is designed with indirect ventilation which allows for air flow while greatly reducing the occurrence of splash from entering the goggle.  It also features a UV-AF® Anti-Fog coated lens that is Eco-friendly and UV cured, providing 3 times greater Anti-Fog performance than generic Anti-Fog safety goggles.  Choose the best safety goggles, choose MCR Safety!


  • Adjustable neoprene head band is latex free
  • AV-AF® Anti-fog coating
  • Dielectric goggle
  • Fits over prescription glasses
  • Impact resistant
  • Indirect vented design
  • Soft foam lined goggle
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