MCR Safety .25mm,TPU/Nylon, Sleeve, Yellow


Size: One Size
Sale price$6.29


Looking for durable high-quality protective sleeves?  The S560E4 sleeve is made from .25mm TPU / Nylon fabric that is light weight, durable, and strong for outstanding wear.  The TPU outer coating is resistant to many oils, fats, and greases making this a great option for food processing applications.  Nylon greatly increases puncture and rip resistance making this sleeve a much longer lasting option than vinyl sleeves.  These sleeves are 18 inches long and have elastic on both ends for a secure fit.  They also feature a reinforced inner hook for hanging up when not in use.  If you are looking for the best sleeve options, look no further than MCR Safety!


  • 18 Inch length
  • .25mm TPU / Nylon Material
  • Elastic on each end ensures a secure fit
  • Lightweight and extremely durable
  • Reinforced inner hook for hanging sleeves
  • TPU material is resistant to oils, fats and grease
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