MCR Safety .35mm,PVC/Poly, Coat, LF,Refl


Size: M
Sale price$29.39


The Classic Plus Series rain gear is made of the most popular material in the Industry. It combines the strength and waterproof qualities of PVC with the durability of a polyester backing. The FR267CR long black raincoat is 60 inches in length (Large) and features a snap front, take up snaps at the wrists, detachable hood with drawstring, corduroy collar, cape vented back, 1 inner pocket and 1 outer pocket.  This coat splits in the back and can snap around each leg to form chaps.  Material is treated to be limited flammability.  If you are looking for the best raincoat options, look no further than MCR Safety!  For more information on Limited Flammability, Click Here.


  • .35 mm PVC on polyester ankle length raincoat
  • Detachable hood, corduroy collar
  • Limited flammability, NOT intended for use as protection against ARC Flash or Flash Fire
  • Split back can be snapped around each leg and worn as chaps
  • Three Silver reflective stripes around the torso, dual reflective stripes around each sleeve
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