MCR Safety 7 Gauge Spectra Fingerless


Size: L
Sale price$8.00


Survivor™ string knit gloves are used for general purpose work applications and can provide cut and abrasion resistance using high performance yarns to further protect the hands when working with sharp objects. Various material weights provide longer durability or additional dexterity where needed. The 9349 is a 7 gauge option and provides outstanding cut protection.  This fingerless glove option provides cut resistance for the palm and back of hand area while allowing maximum manual dexterity on the fingertips for handling small objects.  Looking for the best cut resistant gloves for chefs?  Look no further than MCR Safety's Survivor series options!


  • Excellent Cut Protection
  • Fingerless
  • Lightweight, cool and comfortable
  • Made with FDA accepted material for use in food processing
  • MCR Safety Survivor™ 7 gauge string knit
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