MCR Safety Extra Heavy Wgt Seamless Loop Out Terry


Size: XL
Sale price$19.00


MCR Hotline products are an excellent choice for handling heat. The Hotline series consists of gloves, sleeves, and pads. The 9433 extra-heavyweight glove features a 32 ounce loop-out terrycloth construction that will protect your hands from greater hazards than regular terrycloth options.  This high performance glove offers thermal and cut protection, a knit wrist and is soft and comfortable making it an easy choice for wearing throughout a long workday.  Looking for the best heat resistant terrycloth work glove options?  Look no further than MCR Safety!


  • Black striped knit wrist
  • Extra heavy weight 32 ounce loop out material
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Helps protect in cooler temperatures
  • Made with FDA accepted materials
  • Seamless and reversible
  • Soft and comfortable
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