MCR Safety Heavy Wgt Terry 2 Ply Loop-In Glove

SKU: MCR-9450K

Size: L
Sale price$43.04


The 9450K heavyweight high performance glove features a 2 ply loop-in terry construction that will protect your hands from greater hazards than regular single layer terrycloth options.  The double ply loop-in fabric protects from higher temperatures and cold contact while also providing ANSI level A3 cut protection.  This high performance glove is also soft and comfortable, making it an easy choice for wearing throughout a long workday.  Looking for the best heat resistant terrycloth work glove options?  Look no further than MCR Safety!


  • 2-ply loop in terry cloth
  • ANSI level A3 cut protection
  • Comfortable knit wrist
  • Heat protection and cold contact protection
  • Heavy weight fabric
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