MCR Safety Hydroblast HB4 Shield, Clear UV-AF


Color: Clear
Sale price$12.59


The Hydroblast® HB4 goggle and face shield combo features a super soft TPR goggle seal that allows for a better and more comfortable fit. It also features a 4 position ratcheting face shield for impact and splash protection. The Hydroblast® HB4 has an indirect vented shield which will increase breathability, making it cooler and more comfortable. The face shield is made to ratchet, or adjust into 4 different positions allowing the user to make adjustments for a more personal fit. The HB4S110AF is UV-AF® Anti-Fog coated to provide 3 times greater Anti-Fog performance than generic Anti-Fog safety products. It also features a dielectric construction, meaning that it contains no metal pieces. Looking for the best safety face shield and goggles? Look no further than MCR Safety!


  • Adjustable elastic strap is latex free
  • Goggle and shield rated ANSI D3 for splash and droplet protection
  • Dielectric goggle with no metal parts
  • Super soft TPR goggle seal allows for better more comfortable fit
  • Indirect vented shield to increase breathability
  • Fits over prescription glasses
  • 4 position ratcheting face shield for impact and splash protection
  • UV-AF Anti-Fog coating
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