MCR Safety Klondike KD3 Insert for Rx Lenses


Color: Clear
Sale price$10.00


Prescription Insert for the Klondike® KD3 eyewear. The KDRX fits onto the nosebridge of any of the Klondike® KD3 eyewear options by simply removing the gel nose piece, placing the KDRX onto the nose bridge post, and replacing the nose piece. Prescriptions can easily be placed in the KDRX lenses by taking it to the prescription eyewear facility of your choice. Lenses are made of durable polycarbonate material and the lens supports are made of nickel alloy. Fits Klondike® KD3 only.


  • Clear polycarbonate lenses
  • Klondike® KD3 - Prescription Insert
  • Nickel alloy frame
  • Worn in conjunction with Klondike® KD3 eyewear only
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