MCR Safety Ladies Stretch Nylon Fourchettes Heavy

SKU: MCR-8760S

Size: S
Sale price$13.64


When you need the job to stay clean and spotless our Lisle Inspector gloves are the perfect choice. They can be worn alone or used as glove liners. The 8760 heavy weight glove is made of 100% stretch nylon providing an excellent option for low lint applications.   The 8760 is also patterned with fourchettes, which are side finger panels that join the top layer of the glove fingers to the bottom layer.  This pattern provides greater ease of finger movement.  The stretch nylon fabric provides excellent comfort and fit.  Looking for the best inspectors lisle gloves?  Look no further than MCR Safety!


  • 100% Heavy Weight Stretch Nylon for Low Lint Applications
  • Breathable Fabric Helps Keep Hands Cool
  • Comfortable and Light Weight
  • Fourchettes for Greater Comfort
  • Inset Thumbs
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