MCR Safety Redcoat, PVC, 10 Inch

SKU: MCR-6620L

Size: L
Sale price$37.99


The Red Coat® 6620 gloves provides two layers of rugged PVC on a seamless and flexible knit liner.  The PVC coating has a sandy textured finish that will provide better grip than non-textured options.  This glove is treated with ActiFresh® to prevent odors and eliminate bacteria caused by perspiration.  Compared to other styles of PVC gloves, the 6620 Red Coat® option provides better dexterity because of it's flexibility -  making it a more comfortable option to wear when you need the protection of PVC.  If you are looking for the best PVC gloves, look no further than MCR Safety!


  • 10 Inch Length
  • Comfortable, seamless and flexible knit liner
  • Double coated PVC work gloves
  • Red color
  • Super flexible seamless PVC
  • Treated with ActiFresh®
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