MCR Safety Squall, .20mm, Single Ply, PVC, 49 Coat,


Size: M
Sale price$9.00


The Squall Series rain wear provides outstanding value with plenty of features!  The O72C light weight PVC raincoat provides a unique clear color that allows the wearers' uniform or clothing color underneath to be seen. This allows for easier identification of workers that might require different colors of workwear underneath their rainwear.  The O72C features a detachable drawstring hood, snap front closure , cape ventilated back, and take up snaps on each wrist.  Looking for the best rainwear options?  Look no further than MCR Safety!


  • 2 patch pockets
  • .20mm single layer pvc, clear
  • 49" coat with detachable drawstring hood
  • Cape ventilated back
  • Snap front, take up snaps on the wrists
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