Microflex - FreeForm SE Powder-Free Nitrile Disposable Gloves - Box


Size: XS
Sale price$20.99


FreeForm?? SE is today's most advanced super-soft nitrile formulation offering a latex-like fit and feel no other synthetic glove can touch. FreeForm?? SE works with you continuously conforming to the contours of your hands as you move. Elasticity allows for a full range of motion helping to minimize unnecessary hand stress and strain that can cause musculoskeletal injury over time.

- Exclusive patented super soft formulation feels like latex.
- 100% latex free to eliminate adverse reactions associated with natural rubber latex proteins.
- Reliable nitrile protection against biohazards and a broad range of chemicals

- Made of premium nitrile for remarkably high manufacturing quality measures and production consistency.
- Textured fingers for a secure grip in wet and dry conditions.
- Polymer coated to aid in quick and easy donning even in wet conditions.

Recommended for use when: Working in wet environments that demand a reliable grip. Light to mid-duty tasks require a combination of comfort and durability. Precise contact and softness require enhanced tactile sensitivity.

- Color: Blue
- Length: 9.5"
- Thickness: 3.9 mil
- Material: Nitrile
- Ambidextrous
- Exam Grade
- Non-Sterile
- Textured Fingers Finish
- Beaded Cuffs
- Polymer Inner Coating, Powder-Free
- 100 Each Per Box

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