Moldex Camo Rocket Tapered Styrene Corded Earplug (200 Pairs Corded Earplug - Pack)

SKU: MOL6485

Sale price$432.29


Moldex Rockets Special Ops Corded Earplugs provide protection against the noisiest environments and the tip offers cushioned comfort for all day wear. Plugs have an easy grip handle and the versatile flanges offer a superior seal that fits most size ear canals. The smooth shape of the plugs slides easily into the pocket and comes in a carrying case that keeps the plugs clean when not in use. The plugs can be washed and reused and the noise reduction is rated at 27 dB.


  • 100% PVC-Free
  • Independently tested NRR 27, with a new sound dampening additive
  • NRR 27 gives protection in most noisy environments
  • Easy grip handle allows easy insertion
  • Air bubble in the tip provides cushioned comfort
  • Earplugs can be washed and reused

 Note: This SKU is for 1 Pack =  200 Pairs corded Earplugs


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