MSA X-Small Workman Arc Flash Cross Over Harness With Back Steel D-Ring And Tongue Buckle Leg Straps

SKU: MSA10152674

Sale price$158.99


Workman Arc Flash Full Body Harnesses are durable, with an ASTM F887 rating, and are designed to protect a worker during a fall after an arc-flash exposure at 40 cal/ cm².  The Workman’s nylon webbing provides added protection at an economical price. 


  • Durable, nylon material won’t melt or drip in the event of an arc flash
  • Protection during fall event after arc flash exposure at 40 cal/cm²
  • Offers self-extinguishing nylon webbing


  • ASTM F887
  • OSHA 1910-269


  • Working at heights

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