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The HeartStart FR2+ is the automated external defibrillator trusted most often by those trained and counted on to save a life.

Each year sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) strikes approximately a quarter million people in the U.S. alone. Fewer than 5% of those victims survive, largely because it is not possible for emergency medical services to reach them in time. Timely defibrillation is a highly effective treatment for SCA, improving the chances of survival to 40% or more.
Philips HeartStart defibrillators enable responders to treat SCA quickly wherever it happens ƒ?? at work, at play, in the air, in emergency vehicles, and in medical facilities ƒ?? by providing them the power to save a life.

Lightweight: Fully equipped at just under 5 pounds
Rugged: Designed for use in extreme environments and conditions
Intuitive: 1-2-3 operation, with text and voice prompts
Capable: Cleared for use on anyone of any age, including children
Ever-Ready: Powered by either a long-life disposable or a rechargeable battery
Effective: Clinically proven low-energy waveform

Its host of features makes it an extremely versatile and rugged defibrillator, enabling responders to potentially save the life of a coworker, friend, patient or fellow citizen under demanding circumstances.

The FR2+ is designed to be highly flexible and versatile. You can tailor your FR2+ to match your specific response protocol.
Tool of the Pros:
Simplicity for the Lay Responder The FR2+ has come to be a trusted tool of professional responders and designated response teams in the work place and public settings. Its clean, uncluttered design is optimized for fast, efficient operation and rapid delivery of defibrillation therapy. Commands are clear, streamlined, confident, and concise: ideal for responders who are trained, drilled, and ready to save a life now. The HeartStart FR2+ offers features that make hand-off to ALS professionals seamless for maximum continuity of care for the patient. A display of the ECG is available. The FR2+ can be configured to allow ALS responders to switch to a manual mode, giving them more decision-making control. And defibrillator pads adapters enable the pads to remain on the patient when transferring to many popular ALS manual defibrillators from Philips and other manufacturers. But donƒ??t be misled by its advanced capabilities. The HeartStart FR2+ is extremely easy to use. Its design is based on years of research, refinement by Philips human factors experts and user testing with the full range of responders from healthcare professionals to lay people. In fact, hundreds of thousands of citizens are already trained and ready to save a life with the FR2+.

Optimized for Challenging Environments:
Because of its ruggedness and ability to stand up to temperature extremes and wet conditions, the HeartStart FR2+ is the right choice for harsh, outdoor, or mobile use. It combines natural sounding voice instructions that are loud and clear, with text prompts on a large, bright back-lit display. This makes it ideal if you anticipate use in noisy or poorly lit settings. And at just 4.7 pounds, itƒ??s incredibly small and lightweight so it wonƒ??t weigh you down.

Ready to Use:
The HeartStart FR2+ is reliable and virtually maintenancefree. It automatically performs daily, weekly, and monthly self-tests of the battery, electrical components, and subsystems. A highly visible status indicator shows at a glance whether the FR2+ is ready for use.

Realistic Training Keeps Your Skills Honed:
To help responders maintain their skills, Philips gives you a wide range of realistic training solutions. When equipped with training pads and the rechargeable training and administration pack, you can actually use your FR2+ as a trainer. Its shock delivery capability is disabled while you train with ten realistic scenarios. When you connect the FR2+ to a simulator or a special manikin that simulates an ECG rhythm, you can elicit realistic FR2+ responses to various heart rhythms for even more refined training.
Philips also offers an economical AED trainer that comes with ten scenarios. An optional remote control enables instructors to pace the scenario to match their instruction, and to challenge the trainee with surprise scenario changes. Also available is the comprehensive AED Little Anne training system, featuring a manikin that gives the student realistic pad placement feedback

The Most Thoroughly Proven Therapy:
The FR2+ uses the proven SMART Analysis algorithm to ensure that a shock is delivered only if it is appropriate. And Philipsƒ?? low-energy SMART Biphasic waveform delivers a highly effective defibrillation shock that is also gentle to the heart. No other external defibrillation therapy has been supported by more clinical data.
Comprehensive Data Management:
To maintain high standards of response timeliness and quality, many organizations place a high premium on detailed retrospective event reporting. The FR2+ facilitates this with an optional data card that captures patient heart rhythm, defibrillator use and, if configured, voice recording of the event. The removable data card lets you produce a variety of reports via HeartStart Event Review software, without taking your FR2+ out of service.
Built to Perform and Backed by Philips:
A five-year warranty and limited product indemnity come with every HeartStart Defibrillator. Best of all, neither maintenance nor service contracts are required to maintain indemnification benefits. An extended two-year warranty is available. Coupled with the standard five-year warranty, the extended warranty gives you peace of mind, knowing your investment is protected for up to seven years.

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