Potable Aqua Plus Water Purification Tablets

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A revolutionary two stage process that makes water bacteriologically safe to drink and taste good. After treating water with Potable Aqua, simply drop 1-2 tablets of the neutralizer into the water and wait 3-5 minutes for clear, great tasting water. It greatly reduces the iodine taste and the discoloration caused by the iodine. Packaged in a 50 count bottle along with a 50 count bottle of Potable Aqua on a blister card. REMINDER: Use Potable Aqua first to make the water safe to drink. The neutralizer will not eliminate harmful bacteria or viruses. 371239 , Potable Aqua Plus Water Purification Tablets , water purification , pure water , camping , purifying water tablets , tablets to purify water , water purifier tablets , water purifying tablets , purified water , purifier of water , purifier water , water purification , water purifier portable , water purification systems portable , water purified , water purifiers backpacking , water purifiers systems , water purifying , water treatment , hydration , camping , hiking , backpacking

- Potable Aqua tablets provide purified drinking water
- PA Plus tablets remove iodine taste and color
- Treats up to 25 quarts
- contains 50 tablets
- Easy to use.Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets w/PA Plus-50 Tablets

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