ProFlex 1100SF Standard Spandex Back Support Brace

SKU: 11601

Color: Black
Size: XS
Sale price$28.99


The ProFlex 1100SF Standard Spandex Back Support is designed to remind workers of proper lifting techniques while also enhancing the body's intra-abdominal pressure, moving the stress away from the spine for back pain relief. Features Sticky Finger Stays, innovative Power Panel positioners and more. The support should fit snugly around your hips with the front of the support two-fingers width below your navel. An easy-to-use hook & loop closure keeps the belt securely fastened while in use and can be worn over or underneath clothing. Adjust the suspender straps to fit securely on your shoulders without causing tension. ProFlex Back Supports provide lower back support and abdominal support for lifting heavy objects. Tightening the back support belt enhances the body's intra-abdominal pressure and moves the stress away from the spine. When the back support is on correctly, the worker will have more support for lifting and is more likely to use proper posture.

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