ProFlex 391 Lightweight XL Foam Kneeling Pad - 0.5in

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Color: Black
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The ProFlex 391 XL Foam Kneeling Pad is a portable solution for comfort in a variety of static kneeling applications. Increase productivity and prevent common knee injuries with this pain-free kneeling pad.

Made with a thin but high-density nonconductive nitrile rubber (NBR), this kneeling mat will not compress over time”protecting knees against hard surfaces for extended periods. A water- and petroleum-resistant construction means it wont absorb liquids, keeping you comfortable and dry. Functional for more than just knees, this pad can also be used to cushion elbows, shoulders, hips and other body parts.

With its thin design and built-in handle for carrying and hanging, this kneeling pad transports and stores with ease. It is effective in a variety of environments, such as cold surfaces, hard steel, concrete, grating, gravel and wet surfaces.

  • SIZE DIMENSIONS – 18in x 36in x 0.5in (46cm x 91cm x 1cm)

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