ProFlex 435 Comfort Hinged Gel Knee Pads - Buckles, Hard Cap

SKU: 18435

Color: Black Cap
Sale price$32.54


The ProFlex 435 Comfort Hinged Hard Cap Gel Knee pads take our best-selling 335 gel knee pads and adds Comfort Hinge technology. The Comfort Hinge sets the bar for comfort in knee pads for work. The top strap sits higher on the leg and away from the back of the knee, which helps keep you from walking out of the front of the knee pad, while adding another layer of protection against impacts to the thigh.

The gel foam and NBR foam padding adds supportive, all-day cushion making these knee protectors incredibly comfortable. The combination of the Comfort Hinge upper elastic straps with locking buckles keep these hard cap knee pads from sliding while providing unmatched mobility. The rubber hard cap is abrasion resistant while offering grip with just enough slide. The cap will stand the test of time and allow you to work your way, while preventing future knee problems.

Tested and trusted by some of the most demanding knee pad users we can findairline baggage handlers.

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