Propane Lantern - Double Mantle

SKU: SS-170

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Light up the campsite with the Stansport Double Mantle Propane Lantern! This classic-style lantern uses a propane canister to fill the campsite with light. The double mantle design emits up to 600 candle power for light in all directions. The lantern stays securely upright with a sturdy base and tip-resistant feet. Use a lighter or match to easily ignite the silk mantles and use the control knob to adjust to your desired light level. This powerful propane-powered lantern is an efficient alternative to battery-powered lanterns. The Stansport Double Mantle Propane Lantern evokes an earlier era of lighting that will make you feel like an explorer!

ƒ?› On/Off control knob and built in pressure regulator
ƒ?› Two silk mantles (included) adjust up to 600 candle power
ƒ?› Vented hood with durable baked on enamel finish
ƒ?› Includes ƒ??Dura Baseƒ?? with tip-resistant feet which holds 16.4 ounce disposable propane gas cylinder (not included)
ƒ?› Steel carrying / hanging handle
ƒ?› Heat resistant glass globe. (Use #167 replacement glass globe)

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