Public Weather Alert Rechargeable Portable Radio See details Public Weather Alert Rechargeable Portable Radio


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Sangean's new PR-D9W AM / FM Weather Alert Rechargeable Compact Radio is a perfect companion at a picnic, a ball game, a camping trip, and even to keep you informed at home through severe weather conditions and other emergencies or power outages.

- FM Stereo / AM / NOAA Weather Band
- 7 Preset Weather Channel
- Automatic Alert Warns you of Hazardous Condition
- Flashing Red LED Light with Emergency Siren
- 19 Memory Preset Stations including my Favorite Station
- Auto Scan Tuning
- Easy to Read LCD Display with Adjustable Dimmer
- Dual Alarm by Radio or HWS (Humane Wake System) Buzzer
- Time Clock Setting
- Sleep and Snooze Function
- Lock Switch
- Super Capacitor for Power Backup
- Rechargeable and Dry-Cell Battery
- Built-in Rapid Battery Charger with Charging LED Indicator

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